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dress code Enforced

A little party never killed nobody. 1920’s Attire Admired but not Required


Jeans are permitted.  Fedora's welcomed but please remember to remove in the presence of the ladies.  No Baggy Clothes, Sports Attire or Baseball Hats. No Flip Flops.


Dress to impress. Footwear must be worn at all times.  No flip flops please.  You can never go wrong with togging to the bricks!



House rules

Must Have Valid ID - 21+

No Backpacks or Large Bags

No Peddlers

No Highbinders

No Religion Chitter Chatter

No Futuristic Technology

No sex in the Champagne Room

Avoid Profanities in the Presence of Ladies

Mind your P’s and Q’s

Snapping, shaking, and moaning are for the dance floor and will only increase your wait time.

Never ask for a hook up... Trying to run a business here.

When we say you’re done, refer to rule.

If you must Smoke, grab your hope chest and head out the exit door.  You will need to re-enter through the front.

If you sneak anyone in the back door, you will be “streeted” immediately.  

Please be patient, good things come to those who wait

Large groups

We love large groups.  Especially at 5pm, however you can do what you want. You just may need to wait.  Our dining room may look formal, but we are at the mercy of the Wharf Rats and we get our food out when its ready, hot, and fresh.  No time to be prim and proper.

Private Parties

Give us a heads up and we can make your shindig the cat's meow.

Gift Cards

Gift cards available in house and online.